Effective technology integration

Effective technology integration combines a variety of teaching strategies and the use of technology to enhance student learning. The use of technology integration models such as SAMR and Trudacot teaching with the use of technology can be functional if not worthwhile. However, personally, I would prefer to use the Trudacot model. Although SAMR expects to promote or generate higher thinking skills the model seems ambiguous in practical terms. It can be somewhat difficult to analyze such practice with the use of the SAMR model. On the other hand the Trudacot model suggests a more feasible approach with the use of a series of questions that can pinpoint and direct a teacher’s lesson to utilizing technology effectively.

An example of a lesson I would like to use the Trudacot model for would be for my Biology students to research the ingredients of their favorite snacks (sodas/chips/cookies). Instead of choosing how they would present or go about conducting their research as a group the students would discuss amongst themselves what they would do as well as develop series of questions/goals that can help guide their research. In addition to establishing their guidelines, students will also discuss what they expect to learn and find throughout the course of the research. During the course of the research, each member of the group will maintain a journal to record their learning process. Upon completion groups will present their findings and will be able to post their data via Twitter, facebook or extend to a local audience by creating brochures of information for the local Health Department or hospital. 

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  1. I agree with you and like the Trudacot model over the SAMR model. I feel like the questions of the Trudacot model can always help keep a teacher focused on the type of technology integration he/she would like to use in the lesson.

    Your lesson on researching their favorite snacks sounds like fun! I wonder if knowing the real scoops on their favorite snack would change their minds about choosing healthier snacks?