Friday, November 14, 2014

Action Research Survey & Registering

I've decided to stick things out, Twitter it shall be.

Two classes have been selected for my action research; twelve Juniors and seventeen sophomores in all. Students were given a short survey that included questions based on technology usage and internet access at home and school. Parental consent forms were also given to students yesterday.

Today a few of my students were able to register on Twitter with the use of ipads. Luckily one student who had previously deactivated his account, came to the rescue and helped the others who had troubles with registering. For this research he reactivated his account. An issue we were able to overcome was to use a proxy site to gain direct access to Twitter. So far 12 students have managed to register and post a 'tweet', if that's what you call it. Some have already posted and have begun selecting who to follow.

I am still in the learning process. I would hope after this research i can be a more efficient Twitter user.

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