Website creation

Creating a website on was fun. At the beginning just finding where to start was a little difficult. However, after Dr. Martin gave a short demonstration getting around became fairly easy. For the most part having the chance to 'play around' a bit helped in the process.
Although my faux-site is not the best looking with a lot of practice there will be better ones.

With this new skill i expect to create a site to upload course syllabi for the next school year. This would be a great way to upload rubrics, lesson plans, projects and whatever will be planned for the next school year. 

Also, I would like to start my students on google docs if they haven't the slightest clue on how to begin. This way the interactions, updates and revisions can all be made online. With googledocs link to my webpage students would be able to click on their class, select their groups, and edit their papers online. No printing necessary.

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