Twitter chat: #biochat

The twitter chat i selected to join was #biochat which was scheduled for Thursdays, according to the spreadsheet. I'm still fairly new with Twitter and with having to chat it would prove a bit difficult. Previously i had read that Twubs would be a good program to organize the twitter chats I would join. And so on Thursday, given the time difference, i had logged onto twitter and twubs and signed in to the #biochat at 2pm. School ends at 3pm and so i wanted a sneak peak into the chat throughout the hour. Little did i know the chat was actually on Tuesday December 2 and not December 4. There wasn't much interaction on Thursday.

Even though i missed the #biochat on Tuesday i was able to read the exchanges and answers that were posted. The conversations were insightful and the posts included many links to blogs and images that were thought provoking and seemed easy for a science teacher like myself to utilize in the classroom. One question was, Q1: how do you currently handover some control of learning to students? One teacher responded with having students help with planning lessons as well as to allow student thinking and creativity to do something other than what they're used to doing, being told by the teacher what to do. I think for the most part i will have to be a spectator for the next 2 #biochats until i am comfortable with sharing.

As a biology teacher #biochat is a great avenue to exchange fun learning ideas with other teachers. I'm excited i've found a way to interact and collaborate with teachers who understand the challenges of teaching biology providing valuable solutions for difficult situations when teaching science.

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